10 Hidden Gems in the Algarve – Portugal


Are you planning to visit the Algarve? Did you already plan all the places you want to visit? Well, today we will show you 10 Hidden Gems in the Algarve that just a few people know about!

Per year millions of tourists visit the Algarve but just a few of them see the beautiful places that the Algarve has to offer…

1. Praia do Camilo – Lagos

Located in Lagos, Praia do Camilo has been considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe it has a stunning view, amazing rock formations and a crystal clear water where you can swim for hours.

To access this beautiful beach you have to pass through the “Stairway to Heaven” which has about 200 steps… Don´t worry it is worth the effort, stay there till the sunset it is simply beautiful!

Camilo´s beach view

2. Ponta da Piedade

Not too far away from Praia do Camilo you can visit Ponta da Piedade which is an amazing rock formation there is even a funny rock with a shape of a high hill.

Go to this place by sunset and you will be amazed how incredible this place looks.

So you can appreciate the rock formations from close you have to take the big stairs to go down there, or you can even go for a boat tour and you will discover many other caves around Ponta da Piedade.

3. Benagil Cave

Near Carvoeiro, you can find the magical Benagil Cave. This unique rock formation is only accessible by boat or by swimming if the sea is calm enough however the best way it’s by having a boat tour no see the inside of the Benagil Cave.

Other great way to discover this amazing cave is to rent kayaks to you can take the journey with your own pace.

Inside Benagil Cave

4. Silves

A little bit more far away from the coast side you can visit the well preserved Silves Town.

Once you arrive there you will notice the big red castle built on the hill above the ancient and colorful streets of Silves it is worth a visit if you want to see something different are trying to escape from the large groups of tourists.

If you have the chance, visit Silves by the during the month of August because that is when the big Medieval Festival happens, there you can travel in time and see how life was hundreds of years ago, the sounds, smells and dressing of the participants will make you forget you are on the 21st century!

Silves - Portugal Travel Guide

5. Monchique

The place where the Algarve’s highest point is located, Monchique is the perfect place for nature lovers because of the beautiful green sceneries and impressive landscapes above the majestic mountains.

Get lost in the narrow streets of the village while you admire the classic and colourful Algarvian houses and try the delicious Portuguese cuisine and don’t forget to try the famous Medronho, it is a liquor made of fruits (similar to strawberries) that grows in the mountains,


6. Secret Waterfall near Tavira

Called has “Pego do Inferno” is waterfall is located near Tavira, a good place if you want to escape the crowds and try something different.

It is a 3-meter high waterfall and there you’ll find a beautiful blue crystal clear water that will make you want to go for a refreshing swim on a warm sunny day in the Algarve.

Pego do Inferno Waterfall

7. Ria Formosa Nature Park

One of the 7 wonders of Portugal, Ria Formosa, located in Faro is always worth a visit. There you can spend a full day and relax in one of the islands of Ria Formosa.

There’s the Desert Island which is most calm and isolated beach of the Algarve, Culatra Island where there is no cars or roads and The Cabo Santa Maria that you can access trough the dunes of Deserta Island, there you can also do some snorkeling and admire the local marine life that has highest concentration of seahorses in the world!

Ria Formosa

8. The Rural Village of Alte

This little rural charming village surrounded by nature is located in the north part of the Algarve. Alte is the perfect example of a traditional Portuguese village, there you can see the typical Algarvian houses, the lovely narrow paved streets and you will also find good restaurants.

The big secret there are the Fontes de Alte , a little hidden paradise in the middle of a wooden scenery that transmits peace of mind which were you can do some barbecue and picnics by the sound of the river.

Fontes de Alte

9. The secret Castle of Paderne

Located on the top of the hills of Paderne you will find this ancient castle and you will be amazed by the view from there, to get to this castle you will have to 1.5 km walk into along the nature scenery, completely worth it!
After visiting Paderne’s castle you can drive down to explore Paderne village after that go for a “pitstop” in a local restaurant ou coffeeshop.

Paderne Castle

10. Algarve’s West Coast

Facing the Atlantic Ocean you have the Algarve’s West Coast. Calm when compared to the busy south coast, this is the favourite place for surfers and campervanners.

Take a day of your holidays to explore this beautiful coast side and the little villages around.

Taste the seafood at local restaurant and enjoy yourself a delicious meal while you admire the amazing sea view.

Algarve's West Coast

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