10 Cafes In Zurich, Switzerland


At the heart of Switzerland lies Zurich, a versatile cosmopolitan city that combines the ambience of urban life with nature in all its glory. It is a vibrant city that inhabits a population of about four hundred and two thousand inhabitants. It is the industrial, financial, and cultural centre of the country and one of the most dynamic Swiss cities. The city boasts a lively nightlife scene that is absolutely breath-taking especially for the hardcore travel enthusiasts who like to discover and explore new horizons. Experience the rich culture of Zurich through its opulent side cafes. Check out our listings of the most exquisite cafes in Zurich, Switzerland to make your stay more memorable.

1. Cafe Schober

This is a modern café in Zurich that is strictly devoted to making coffee. Drinking coffee in Schober is in no doubt a true experience as they offer a vast array of classic coffee and a creative selection of coffee cocktails to choose from. The cosy and brightly lit interior adds a chilled and relaxing ambience, perfect to kick back and unwind. This premium cafe is located in the middle of old town. It is surely an exquisite cafe that should be tempting enough to pay a visit.

2. Confiserie Sprungli

This is one of the best cafes in Zurich. It is generally characterized by its warm cosy ambience not forgetting the excellent customer service. This premium cafe in the heart of Zurich is known for it’s vast delicious array of pastries and gateaux that make it so difficult not to overindulge. It is located centrally at Paradeplatz and is most definitely one of the most attractive cafes to visit in Zurich for a comfortable and unbeatable coffee experience.

3. Cafe Bar Odeon

Nothing oozes out relaxation than a taste of fresh coffee served in a casual atmosphere in the heart of Zurich. Cafe Odeon is an epitome of a pre-historic restaurant that once housed prestigious guests from exiled writers, painters to intellectuals. This historical cafe is known for its European delicacies and Zurich cuisines. It boats a top-notch bar with mirrored walls and posters that bring in a chilled welcoming ambience. Cafe Bar Odeon is located on the corner at Limmatquai. The highly seasoned and experienced waiters and waitresses are guaranteed to make your stay memorable. This premium cafe in Zurich is without a doubt an eccentric place to visit for coffee and travel enthusiasts.

4. Manuel’s

This is an exquisite Cuban cafe in the heart Zurich, Switzerland known for its welcoming customer service. This cafe boasts a vast selection of premium cigars and exotic coffee cocktails to choose from. The lively Manuel’s cafe is characterized by the antique interior that has a very relaxing atmosphere, which is almost therapeutic. This is without a doubt the place to be especially if you are a staunch lover of Cuban cigars and rums.

5. Café Noir

This is a premium café in the streets of Zurich known for its brilliant and interactive atmosphere. This opulent café is well-known for grinding their own coffee beans making their coffee one mean brew. Experience the child-friendly customer care service that is guaranteed to make you feel relaxed as you enjoy a hot cup of coffee strictly tailored to your specifications. This highly attractive café offers incredible breath-taking views of Zurich as it has a lively outdoor setting that is very calm and peaceful. Come enjoy the rich taste of brewed coffee at it’s finest.

6. Cafe Bubbles

Cafe Bubbles is a nice and unique cafe in Zurich that can be characterized by its long glass windows and brightly painted interior walls making it very welcoming. This cafe is literally tucked in the streets of Werdstrasse and is well known for serving a full traditional English breakfast. Enjoy a wide selection of European cuisines and delicious pastries as you experience the relaxing and chilled out vibe of the Bubbles. It is the best place to be especially if you’re into traditional English cuisine that is guaranteed to make you have a memorable stay.

7. Kafi Dihei

This is a high-end cafe in Zurlindenstrasse, Zurich. It’s the perfect chill spot especially if you are looking to relax on a lazy weekend. This cafe has a lively interior that is welcoming and very accommodating. Come indulge in a wide range of brunch meals and exotic coffee. The elegant cafe boats a full bar and an interactive crew which contributes to its intimate atmosphere. Come experience brunch at its finest where you are guaranteed a comfortable and memorable experience.

8. Gelati Tellahoff

This is a small nice cafe in the peaceful neighbourhood of Tellstrasse. The cafe has a very chilled out atmosphere especially if you are looking for quiet meditation times. Come and treat yourself to a wide variety and a great selection of the best Italian ice cream flavours. It is a cafe to visit for that unforgettable and magical ice cream experience.

9. La Stanza

This is a high end and one of the sought- after sidewalk cafes in Zurich. It is located in the lovely neighbourhood of Bleicherweg. This cafe is known for its cool interior from the pavement tables to the marble counter which brings about a sense of sophistication. Enjoy a vast range of carefully selected coffee cocktails and drinks as you relax your mind and indulge in the serene vicinity of the La Stanza. This is in no doubt a cafe to visit especially if you are looking to have an unforgettable coffee experience.

10. Grande Café & Bar

Enjoy a great spot with delicious food and nicely brewed coffee in Zurich, Switzerland. This coffee house is decorated with an excellent interior that is well lit and very inviting. The aroma of freshly baked pastries and coffee welcomes you to indulge as you enjoy the cool ambience of the Grande. This coffee house is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a great morning and evening with friends and family.

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