10 Best Wineries In Portugal To Visit


Some of the best wines in the world come from Portugal. To that point, here are the 10 best wineries in the country for tourists to visit.

Wineries are amazing places where you can tour the facility, sample some great wines, and be surrounded by miles of vineyards. Portugal is known to have some of the best wineries in the world that tourists have to visit. These wineries serve excellent glasses of reds and whites that can’t be beaten.

We have compiled a list of the best wineries across the entire country of Portugal. This way, no matter where you are staying, you will be able to experience some of the best wine this country has to offer. Keep reading to learn about the ten best wineries in Portugal to visit!

10. Monta DaRavasquiera (Arraiolos)

This has been in the Josรฉ de Mello family since 1943 and they have some pretty incredible wines. Over the years, their wines have won over 400 awards and distinctions, and part of that is due to their wide selection.

This winery offers guided tours of its facility or an enogastronomy adventure, which basically includes lunch, wine samples, and a tour of the cellars and vineyards. You can learn about their efforts in the field of precision viticulture as they work to produce better wines through this process.

9. Adega Mayor (Campo Maior)

This winery gives you views of not only the grape and olive vineyards but also of Spain and the Portalegre Mountains. The building was designed with simplicity in mind as a stark white exterior and sharp lines encompass the architectural anomaly.

There are several different tours and tastings that you can book as they feature wine workshops, guided tours, wine tastings, and lunches. This company not only makes wine, but they also make olive oil, vinegar, accessories, and specialty wine packs.

8. Port Augusto’s (Vila Nova De Gaia)

This is a smaller winery that was established when three different families came together to collaborate on a project. You can taste several of their amazing wines and guests always rave about the kindness of their tour guides.

The good thing about this tasting and tour is that because it is such a small company, they take their time with their guests to help them pick something out to take home with them. If you do happen to buy something the tour fee is waived and you will get to experience an authentic Portuguese winery.

7. Quinta Santa Eufemia (Lamego)

It is a bit of a trek up to the winery, but it is one walk you won’t regret during this vacation. The moment you step through the doors you will be treated like family as you go on a tour and choose a tasting menu that is complete with snacks.

The tour is usually led by a member of the family and they do a phenomenal job of explaining their background and long history in the business. The main attraction is their wines as American customers rave about the taste and how they plan on ordering more once they arrive back home.

6. Cella Vinaria Antiqua (Villa De Frades)

This vineyard offers several different tastings to tourists depending on their tastes and if they also want a tour of the grounds. A favorite among guests is the blind tasting, where the wines are served in opaque glasses and you have to guess which of the four were produced in Amphoras and whether they are red or white wines.

They also have winemaking workshops where you can learn what it takes to create a wonderful tasting drink. If you prefer just to have a tour they offer those options as well as they take you to historic places around the property and answer any questions you might have.

5. Pocas (Vila Nova De Gaia)

This winery is run by the Pocas family and it has been in the family for generations. They do offer tours, but they are relatively small so it is a good idea to book one beforehand. The guides will provide you with a lot of information, and they always ensure that you are taken care of, rather than rushing on to the next tour group.

You will have a chance to sample several different wines that will leave your tastebuds buzzing for more.

4. Adega Ervideira (Monsaraz)

This winery seeks to provide a relaxing environment where guests can kick their feet up and enjoy a wonderful glass of their favorite wine. They have several different options for tourists like a blind tasting, a simple tasting, and a picnic paired with a few samples.

This upcoming year in 2020 they hope to add another layer onto their tourist attractions by creating a tour called Winemaker for a Day, where guests will be able to create their own wine by going behind the scenes and learning about the process.

3. Quinta Do Bomfim (Pinhao)

This business began back in 1905 with a partnership between British and Portuguese families. The family owns several wineries across the country, but this is the place you should visit. It was the first winery to exist and they have gradually upgraded as the years have passed so they could stay with the times.

You can join a tour that takes you through the family’s history and see their work in action, either in person or through a video depending on the time of year. Tastings are included in the tour, but you do have to make reservations ahead of time before making the trip here, and you can even schedule a terrace picnic.

2. Barbeito Madeira (Camara De Lobos)

This winery almost shut down after World War II like many other companies, but its owner, Mario Barbeito, knew that they could survive. Their wine will turn any beer drinker into an enthusiast and their tour will take you through their intricate process step by step.

They offer you several tastings of old and new wines, but it is recommended you make a reservation so you ensure you have a spot on a tour. You will learn what sets them apart from other companies and it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you leave with a bottle or two of their wine.

1. Quinta Do Beijo (Sabrosa)

This directly translates to The Kiss Winery and they serve both great wines and olive oil. They offer wine tastings, guided tours, grape treading, and something they like to call The “Baptism.” This oddly named event is a tasting and tour shrouded in mystery that has little information beyond the fact that you won’t regret your decision to sign up for this tourist event.

If you do happen to come during the harvest season you should consider booking a spot to join in the fun of traditional grape treading where you will have fun crushing the grapes the old-fashioned way.

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