10 Best Food spots in Hamburg


Hamburg, Germany’s second-biggest city, has some great restaurants, cafes and lunchrooms. Below I’ve listed my top 10 best food spots in Hamburg. They’re my personal favorites. All places have good vegetarian options and some have great vegan food. Make your next trip to Hamburg a culinary one and try to visit all ten of these best food spots in Hamburg!

1. Breakfast at Hotel Tortue

I can’t think of a better start to the day in Hamburg than with a breakfast at Hotel Tortue. I have to admit that it isn’t low-budget. But for the 29euros that you pay you can really stuff yourself. They have a buffet with a variety of bread rolls and croissants, everything to make the perfect granola bowl, many varieties of fresh fruit and a big pile of macarons. And besides that, you’ll get a big menu from which you can choose whatever (and how many) you want. Avocado toast, Skyr with granola, Eggs Benedict, French Toast, Chia pudding… you name it! Coffee and tea are also included, as is the fabulous feeling you’ll get from having breakfast there!

2. Das Standard

Standard might be the only classy place in an otherwise touristic and a bit tacky neighborhood. It’s located in the Red Light District of Hamburg, so expect a few tourists on your walk from the Reeperbahn subway station to Standard. Don’t be scared though, it’s really worth discovering Standard. It’s a very small restaurant that consists of two rooms, a small kitchen and an even smaller bar. How they manage to make all the cocktails and special drinks there is a mystery to me. At Standard they don’t have a menu because they only work with seasonal food that is available that day. With your drinks you’ll get free ‘aperitives’, small bite-size plates. Don’t tell anyone, because they don’t want to be known for it, but all the food is vegan!

3. Bidges & Sons

Speaking of unexpected vegan food. Bidges & Sons (also located near the Reeperbahn subway station) is a clothing shop selling slightly rebellious clothes that often refers to the St Pauli neighborhood but it also has ‘Fried Club’, a café in the back that serves really, really good fries. They have 6 different kind of loaded fries and they’re all vegan! My favorite was the Flying Dutchman (maybe because of the name, who knows); it was sweet potato fries with peanut sauce and aioli. The Mad Mexican is also delicious with Mexican chili with ‘beef’, beans, corn and guacamole. And the Delphi Dynamite has Greek style ‘chicken’ of which you would swear that it’s real and it goes great with the vegan tzatziki. Even though they’re also a clothing shop, they’re open ‘till late so you can also go there for dinner or late night snack.

4. Picnic

Restaurant Picnic is officially called ‘picnic by Bianc’, because it’s owned by the chef of Bianc Matteo Ferrantino. He was born in Italy and lived in Portugal for 8 years, it’s no wonder that the menu of Picnic is Mediterranean inspired. Where Bianc is an up-class restaurant, Picnic is very accessible. Restaurant Bianc is open for dinner and Picnic is open for lunch. On the menu, you’ll find tapas, oven dishes, salad bowls and panini’s. I went for the vegetarian panini with Scamorza cheese (similar to Mozzarella) with eggplant (aubergine), tomatoes, basil and olives. Picnic is located in HafenCity, close to the Elbphilharmonie.

5. Rindermarkthalle

The Rindermarkthalle St. Pauli is a big indoor food market. It’s named after the original reason the market hall was built: the beef market. Luckily there’s no meat traded there since 1971. Instead, there are about 30 nice shops and food stands and the biggest EDEKA supermarket in Hamburg in this 200.000 m2 indoor food market . My favorite food spots in the Rindermarkthalle are whole-wheat bakery Effenberger, organic supermarket Bio Company, package-free shop Stückgut, sweets and chocolate shop Paulsen and bakery and sandwich shop Brot und Stulle that sells a Hamburg version of the croissant.
The Rindermarkthalle is located in the hip St Pauli neighborhood so it’s a great starting point before exploring that area.

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