10 Best Beaches In Netherlands To Go Crazy & Wild In The Beautiful Country In 2021!

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country known for its various landscapes. It has the best beaches, trekking and cycling routes, tulip fields, markets, cities, architecture and more. It has the typical European touch of peace. If you’re planning a trip, you must visit the beaches in the Netherlands. You can go fishing, snorkeling, have good local food, and shop! Your trip will get even better if you plan to stay at one of the Netherlands beach resorts.

Apart from the beautiful windmills, mesmerizing Tulip farms and canals, Netherlands also has some of the most beautiful beaches that you must visit. So, this is a list of top beaches in the Netherlands that you must visit on your next holiday for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience!

1. Scheveningen Beach

The best things to do in Scheveningen - Holland.com

Scheveningen Beach is the one beach which is visited by every tourist who goes to the Netherlands. The beach is popular because of the amazing beach bars, pier, and small shops. The beach is quite huge and even on days when it is jam-packed, it still doesn’t feel crowded. If you’re someone who likes to enjoy good food and drinks while you’re sunbathing, then you must visit this beach.

Location: Zuid-Holland
How to get there: local transport

2. Zandvoort Beach

Day Trip from Amsterdam to Zandvoort Beach » Roselinde

Zandvoort aan Zee Beach is one the most popular beaches. It is only 30 kilometers from Amsterdam and happens to be the party hubs of all the young people. At the beach, you can explore the sandy dunes, food shacks, and tame the waves. You can also visit the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. Zandvoort Netherlands beach is a big hit with every age group and a must-visit.

Location: Noord-Holland
How to get there: book a taxi or bus

3. Hoek van Holland Beach

Hoek van Holland 2021: Best of Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands Tourism -  Tripadvisor

One of the many lovely Netherlands beaches, Hoek van Holland beach is a very picturesque place. It is the favorite getaway for those who are in Rotterdam. The beach is famous for the cute beach bars that offer great food and drinks. You can pitch a net and play beach volleyball here with your friends or family. Another reason for visiting the beach is the variety of water sports. You’ll have the best diving and snorkeling experience at this beach.

Location: 30 minutes from Rotterdam
How to get there: book a taxi or rent a bike

4. Ameland Beach

5 best beaches in the Netherlands | HI Hostel Blog

Ameland Beach is one of the secluded beaches near the Netherlands. It is nothing but dreamy with golden sand dunes, distant beach houses, and crystal clear water. Every year this beach hosts the annual rugby festival. If you’re in the Netherlands in the month of June, you must visit the beach. Another thing that you will enjoy at the beach is flying kites. It isn’t just a lovely beach; it offers much more than just sand and water.

Location: Wadden Islands
How to get there: Ferry

5. Texel Beach

Texel island: book your vacation! Ferry, hotels, things to do | Holland  Explorer. Travel & Lifestyle

Another beach very close to Ameland Beach is this one. Located off the coast of Texel Island, the beach should be your next weekend getaway destination. For all those who like to time off from the buzzing streets of cities, Texel is a good idea. You can easily get a ferry from Holland. Texel is known for the red lighthouse, good restaurants, and the sweet breeze.

Location: Texel Island
How to get there: Ferry

6. Egmond aan Zee Beach

Beach, Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands - 2985 | Egmond aan Zee i… | Flickr

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands, Egmond is a must-visit for those who like a quiet day at the beach. The beach is known for its warm waters, golden sand, and the best fishing opportunities. The waters are somewhat shallow for a certain distance allowing people to catch fish easily. If you’re at the beach you might also spot a horse or two running around.

Location: Noord-Holland
How to get there: taxi or local transport

7. Berkenbosch Beach

10 Beaches In Netherlands For A Refreshing Holiday 2021

Berkenbosch Beach is one of the good beaches in the Netherlands. It is the best place for old souls. The beach does not have a lot of buildings around it and has very few food shacks. It offers local finger food and chilled drinks at very reasonable prices. You can visit the beach for sunbathing, lazing around, or just take walks in the evening.

Location: Zeeland
How to get there: taxi or local transport

8. Zandmotor Beach

Homepage - Zandmotor

If you’re looking for the Hague, Netherlands beaches then you must visit Zandmotor. It is a great beach for those who like to eat and enjoy the beach. The beach is very well-known for lip-smacking snacks and meals. A visit to Hague is never complete without eating out at the beach.

Location: Hague
How to get there: train or taxi

9. Terschelling

Netherlands | Beach Ride | Frieser | HorseXplore

This beautiful beach is known for the annual Oreol theatre festival that it holds. On regular days this is one of the quiet beaches near the Netherlands. The 30 kilometers long stretch of sand dunes is great to ride bikes on. You can visit the beach to swim and ride dirt bikes with your friends or family. It is a very nice experience and something every adventure enthusiast must try. Terschelling is a quiet beach in the Netherlands, so come here when you want to relax.

Location: Hoorn Terschelling
How to get there: train or taxi

10. Katwijk

Katwijk aan Zee: tips for activities and sightseeing - Holland.com

You haven’t seen enough beaches in Amsterdam, Netherlands or elsewhere if you haven’t visited the beach market of Katwijk. The beach is famous for shopping and the stunning boulevard. The fishermen’s houses, lighthouse and the quiet beach take you back in time. It is very soothing to visit this beach and just kickback. Katwijk is one of the most serene South Holland beaches.

Location: South Holland
How to get there: taxi or local transport

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